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Deciding on Electrolysis for Teens

Teenagers can struggle with all kinds of body image issues. It is a difficult time, between problems with body odor, greasy skin and hair, awkward proportions and growth spurts, and body hair growing in. While it is always best for a young person to develop their self-confidence from within, it can be a definite boost to have outside help. At Electrolysis by Alison, we are fully trained and equipped to handle the sensitive matter of electrolysis for teens.

What Causes Unwanted Hair Growth?

Unwanted facial hair growth, whether it be between the eyebrows, on your upper lip, chin, or the sides of your face, can be caused by a number of factors. Genetics are a major factor: around half of all Hispanic women experience facial hair on their upper lip, but fewer women of other races have this issue. Hormones are another common cause of facial hair growth. PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, can affect teenage girls, with the body generating more androgens (such as testosterone) causing more hair growth and acne. There are also some medications that can trigger these hormone imbalances.

Electrolysis for Facial Hair Removal

Did you know that women with facial hair spend an average of 104 minutes a week managing it? That’s over five times as long as the average man, who spends 20 minutes a week shaving. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? Think about how much time that is over a year: 104 minutes a week adds up to over 90 hours, or nearly 4 days. Now imagine what you could do with those 90 hours if they were given to you to do literally anything else. What would you achieve?

You don’t have to simply imagine. Electrolysis is a permanent solution to the problem of body and facial hair. After a handful of short treatments, you can say goodbye to the problem of facial hair for the rest of your life. Other depilatory treatments may claim to keep hair away for good, but electrolysis is the only hair removal treatment whose claim of permanency is supported by the FDA.

Why Choose Electrolysis?

When you go to an electrolysis clinic, you want to be sure you they know what they’re doing, that your questions and desires will be taken seriously, and that you are going to be taken good care of. That’s why you should choose Electrolysis by Alison. Alison has 15 years of experience providing electrolysis for men and women, catering to hair removal for all the different parts of the body. Alison’s perfected, personalized technique is more efficient and less painful than other electrologists, and clients rave about her attention to their comfort and relaxation. Try us out! You won’t be disappointed.

Electrolysis is Better than the Competition

Especially for teenagers, who have things like acne to worry about on their faces, we don’t recommend solutions like wax or tweezing facial hair. Besides the pain and redness they cause, broken skin and bleeding invites skin infections that teens are especially susceptible to. Plucking hairs can cause the follicle to regrow a hair that is coarser and darker, making it even more visible. Shaving is less hazardous, but requires constant maintenance in order for stubble not to reemerge. Depilatory creams can chemically coax out stubborn facial hair, but risk irritation and prolonged issues with skin pigmentation. Laser therapy is expensive and limited in its effectiveness. Most laser machines will struggle to work well on darker skin tones. This is, understandably, not very helpful to many women who want laser therapy, as unwanted facial hair is a problem for a greater proportion of dark-skinned women. Perhaps worst of all, after the discomfort and expense of laser therapy, it doesn’t actually permanently disable the follicle, only removing the current hair growing from it.

How Long Does Electrolysis Take?

Depending on the size of the area, a typical electrolysis session can take between 15 and 60 minutes. For most facial work, sessions will trend shorter. Bear in mind that at Electrolysis by Alison, Alison’s expert technique cuts this time down to between 10 and 20 minutes. Regardless of where you go, it will be necessary to book at least one follow-up session in order to zap inactive follicles that the initial session cannot target.

Are There Any Side Effects of Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a sophisticated treatment technique that requires certification in most states, including California. A certified electrologist should be able to provide quality treatment with minimal side effects. The more experienced and careful an electrologist is, the better. Side effects you can expect to experience at least a little of are tenderness in the treated areas, redness, and possible swelling. All of these side effects are temporary and can disappear in as little as a few hours.

Should I Shave Between Appointments?

It’s not advised to shave or otherwise remove hair between appointments, as electrolysis is only effective on hair that’s not in its ‘resting phase’. Follicles that have had their hairs removed or clipped short are not able to be targeted by the electrolysis equipment. The most efficient and effective way to use electrolysis is to let your hair grow so that it can be easily targeted by the electrologist for removal.

Are There Other Uses of Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is not only useful for facial hair removal. There are many other applications. If you have arm or armpit hair that you or your teen are self-conscious about, electrolysis can help with that. Electrolysis can also be used for unwanted back hair, leg hair, hair on fingers, feet, and toes.

Why You Need Electrolysis by Alison

When you’re choosing an electrologist for teens that’s going to suit your requirements, you should definitely consider Electrolysis by Alison. With over 15 years of experience serving the people of Los Angeles, Alison is an exceptional electrologist with a highly efficient technique. Just as important, though, is her clinical manner. Alison is adept at putting people at their ease, getting to the heart of what they need, and supporting them in their beauty goals. If you want your electrologist to be both skilled and supportive, you need look no further.

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