for Stomach


with Hirsutism

For women in particular, suffering from abnormal hair growth can be especially mortifying. Hirsutism, as it’s called by medical professionals, is commonly associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Often, the growth of coarse, pigmented hair on the stomach, chest, back and face resists attempts to control it with depilatory methods like shaving and waxing. The best method is electrolysis for stomach, chest, back, and face hair removal.

Electrolysis for
Stomach Smoothing

There are many jobs where stomach hair can be a real liability. Modelling, acting, dancing, athlete– unwanted hair can get in the way, ruin your look, or just be unpleasant for you. Electrolysis can give you back that smooth stomach you’re longing for. By targeting the follicle itself and using small amounts of concentrated heat energy by destroying its ability to grow hair, you can rely on electrolysis for stomach, chest, back, and face smoothing that will last.

Electrolysis for Stomach
Hair Removal That’s Permanent

Cutting or removing stomach hair doesn’t destroy the body’s ability to grow more. Worse, methods like waxing can tear up the short villus hairs from their follicles and encourage the growth of more dark coarse hair instead. Electrolysis for stomach hair completely stops the growth of any hair, meaning you don’t have to worry about the problem coming back, as often happens with laser hair removal, which only makes the hair drop out, meaning the follicle is free to begin regrowing another hair. Also unlike laser hair removal, all skin and hair types are catered to by electrolysis for stomach hair removal.

The Health Benefits of Electrolysis
for Stomach Hair Removal

Something that isn’t often discussed with electrolysis for stomach hair is that the permanent removal of the hair means that the problem is permanently dealt with, removing the possibility of further complications. No more ingrown hairs, skin irritation, or razor nicks, and the infections that can result from them. Only electrolysis for stomach hair removal avoids these repeated problems.

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