For Dark Skin


Finding Electrolysis for Dark Skin

Dark skin is beautiful. You want it to look its best, and for some that may involve hair removal techniques. However, it can be difficult finding a method that works for you, when so many methods out there are made and marketed with light-skinned people in mind. Electrolysis, on the other hand, is the perfect treatment to help people with dark skin show off what they have without the intrusion of unwanted body hair.

Electrolysis Over Other Methods

There are other methods of depilation you could try. Waxing is, at least initially, less expensive than electrolysis. It’s also messier, more painful, and comes with greater side effects. Traumatizing the follicles and causing bleeding, creating ingrown hairs, causing growback to come in itchy, coarser and more noticeable… waxing has a lot of problems. Shaving works well on certain parts of the body so long as you don’t cut yourself, but you need to keep it up constantly. And for parts of the body that you can’t reach or really don’t want blades near, it’s a non-starter. It’s a good job there’s a better solution out there.

Laser Therapy No, Electrolysis Yes

One method that is often touted as revolutionary is laser treatment. However, laser treatment is a flawed solution, as it doesn’t provide permanent hair removal, and it only works on a small minority of people: specifically, light-skinned people with dark, fine hair. There needs to be a substantial contrast between the color of the skin and the color of the hair for most lasers to work well. There does exist highly sophisticated (and expensive) laser equipment that is better at distinguishing between hair and skin, but it still suffers all the other problems that laser treatment for hair removal has: namely it’s painful, can lead to burning or scarring, and it’s not actually permanent. Electrolysis solves all of these problems. No burning, minimal pain, and most importantly, it works on all skin tones, all hair types. Electrolysis is the only hair removal method that is certified permanent by the FDA. Imagine never having to shave your underarms again, or endure another leg-waxing session.

Choose Electrolysis by Alison

In 20+ years of seeing clients for permanent hair removal, Alison has had experience with all skin tones and hair colors. Our clients with darker skin hail from a variety of backgrounds, including:

  • African American
  • Latinx / Hispanic
  • Asian
  • Indian and Southeast Asian
  • Pacific Islander
  • Native American
  • Middle Eastern
  • as well as clients from mixed race backgrounds

When you go to an electrolysis clinic, you want to be sure you they know what they’re doing, that your questions and desires will be taken seriously, and that you are going to be taken good care of. That’s why you should choose Electrolysis by Alison. Alison has 20 years of experience providing electrolysis for men and women, catering to hair removal for all the different parts of the body. Alison’s perfected, personalized technique is more efficient and less painful than other electrologists, and clients rave about her attention to their comfort and relaxation. Try us out! You won’t be disappointed.

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