Fall 2021 Beauty and Fashion Trend.

Fall 2021 is here and we are ready for the latest beauty trends. Time to shed the yoga pants and oversized t-shirts for a more...

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Permanent Hair Removal for Athletes Who Don’t Want Body Hair

Body hair can be an impediment in many ways. You might find it to undermine or detract from your look. For athletes, though, there is...

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2021 Bikini Trends

Summer 2021 will be here before you know! That means swimsuit season, whether you prefer bikini, one-piece, tankini or something in between. Electrolysis by Alison...

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joie de vivre

Are you ready to experience even more in life?

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New Normal, New You, New Body

Living In The New Normal Vaccines for the COVID-19 pandemic are being doled out by the tens of millions, and the United States is eager...

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Permanent Hair Removal Trends for 2021

What are the permanent hair removal trends for 2021 to pay attention to? As people come out of winter and prepare to get their vaccinations...

By Alison

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