Arm Hair Removal by Electrolysis


Why Electrolysis Can Save Your Armpits

Underarm hair. They call them the pits for a reason. Armpit hair can be one of the most difficult and irritating types of body hair to deal with. If you’re struggling with hair growth in your armpits and you’re fed up, there is a permanent solution. Electrolysis for armpits is the most effective, and only permanent method of hair removal recognised by the FDA.

Electrolysis for Armpit Hygiene

Armpit hair can be a real problem for personal hygiene. The longer and more unkempt it gets, the easier it is for bacteria to make their home and create body odor. The warm, humid environment is an especially bad one for complications from shaving, waxing, or other depilatory methods. Rashes and ingrown hairs can be aggravated by the conditions. Electrolysis for armpit hair removal solves many of these problems, as the effect of the treatment is minor at most, and the disabling of the follicle’s ability to produce hair means that the problem won’t come back.


Electrolysis for Armpit Hair Solutions That Really Work

Electrolysis for armpit hair is the only reliable solution to the problem of persistent unsightly hair growth. Other hair removal methods promise results that they can’t deliver on. Shaving offers smooth skin– until the hair regrows, and then your armpit is like sandpaper while you’re working out. Waxing offers a more long-term solution, but with greater pain, the substantial risk of ingrown hairs going septic, and irritated and broken skin in an area prone to bacterial build-up. Laser therapy talks about permanent hair removal– but it can only be used on certain combinations of hair and skin types, can provide as little as 45% hair growth reduction, and needs to be repeated every two years. Hardly permanent. Only electrolysis for armpit hair offers a truly permanent solution. Once the follicle’s ability to grow hair is disabled by electrolysis, it doesn’t ever come back.

Improving Aesthetic

Electrolysis for armpit hair removal can help a lot of people in their professions. Actors, models, dancers, athletes: a permanent means of removing unsightly hair can be a real advantage in their career. Imagine raising your arms for a pose, gesture or pass without worrying about exposing hair or stubble, or people seeing your latest razor nick, wax rash, ingrown hair, or laser burn. Electrolysis for armpit hair removal has only the mildest of reactions, which dissipates in hours. It’s the only method of hair removal recognized as permanent by both the FDA and the AMA.

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