Back Hair Removal with Electrolysis


A Back for the Future: Back Hair Removal by Electrolysis

Back hair removal with electrolysis is one of the best hair removal methods available to men in Los Angeles.There are any number of reasons why someone might be dissatisfied with their back hair. Maybe it’s standing in the way of them getting acting or modeling gigs. They could be self-conscious about going to the gym or the beach. They might be a person in transition worried about masculine patterns of body hair growth. They could even be an athlete looking to streamline their body shape to shave precious milliseconds off their best time. If any of these reasons sound familiar, you should look into electrolysis for back hair removal.

Get That Monkey Off Your Back

Electrolysis for back hair is the most effective method of depilation, or hair removal. Other methods yank away the hair, causing trauma to the follicle and potentially breaking the skin around it. This can cause the follicle to grow another hair darker and thicker than before, and leaves the skin vulnerable to irritation and infection. It’s a lose-lose! Only electrolysis actually destroys the follicle’s ability to grow hair at all. At Electrolysis by Alison, we use thermolysis, which is a kind of electrolysis that uses heat to modify the follicle. This method is more comfortable and quicker than traditional galvanic electrolysis, and is the preferable form of electrolysis for back hair removal, since there is a greater surface area to be covered.



    Male Guide to Back and Shoulder Hair Removal

    You may have tried other depilatory methods for your back hair and been disappointed. There are many approaches for getting rid of unwanted hair, though some come with unpleasant side effects.

    • Shaving is straightforward but can be tricky, reaching all those difficult areas. 
    • Waxing is messy, painful, and aggravates the hair follicles and skin, potentially causing irritation, infection, and ingrown hairs.
    • Chemical depilatories such as depilatory cream are highly corrosive and can cause peeling, blisters, and burns. 
    • Laser hair removal isn’t messy like waxing, shave cream, or hair removal cream, but has been known to actually stimulate hair growth, and can even cause scarring. 
    • Electrolysis is the only method of body hair removal considered permanent by the FDA.

    Back Hair Removal And Hygiene

    Perhaps you’ve gotten feedback from sexual partners that your back hair is a turn-off, or you worry about going shirtless in the swimming pool. Whatever the reason, men of all ages are turning to electrolysis for back hair removal to regain confidence in their appearance, without the need to resort to messy and painful waxing that only encourages thicker regrowth. The back is the hardest part of the body to effectively groom, so let us take care of it for you permanently, with electrolysis for back hair. We’re sure you don’t need to be told, but body hair unfortunately is much better at holding onto body odor than bare skin. If you work in a field where you’re around strong odors or coming into contact with parasites that like to make their home in hair or fur, you don’t want to present a target for them. Use electrolysis for back hair removal to keep your body smelling fresher and feeling cleaner.

    Everything You Need to Know About Electrolysis Hair Removal

    Electrolysis, as previously mentioned, is the only permanent hair removal method recognized by the FDA. The way it works is by targeting individual hair follicles with a very slender probe that sends a short pulse of heat into the root, where the hair grows. This pulse will permanently remove the follicle’s ability to grow new hair, and should result in the existing hair falling out within a week or two. This method is safe to use on almost any body part, from upper lip to chest hair. Electrolysis hair removal was initially developed over 140 years ago, to treat ingrowing eyelashes. Virtually everyone is a viable candidate for the treatment, unlike with other methods like laser hair removal. After treatment, there will typically be a little redness in the treated area, that can be treated with cold packs or similar approaches, and will last less than a day. Sessions can take between 15 minutes and an hour, depending on the size of the area being treated. Since not all follicles in the human body are active at the same time, it will be necessary to come back periodically to zap the next cycle of hair growth, but after several repeat treatments, you will be set for the rest of your life. As a long term solution, electrolysis hair removal can’t be beat!

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