Electrolysis & Tattooed Skin/Pierced Skin


The Beauty of Tattoos

Electrolysis by Alison has been delivering high-quality permanent hair removal for over 18 years, and in that time we have learned a lot about electrolysis and tattooed skin or pierced skin. Body art can be expensive, as well as painful and time consuming to correct, so when you are pursuing hair removal treatment it’s best to be conscious of potential side effects.

Permanent Hair Removal for Tattoo Enhancement

An issue that can sometimes emerge after the fact when you have a tattoo inked is sudden body hair growth that undermines the appearance of the tattoo. Given that 30% of Americans have tattoos, and 47% of millennial Americans have visited a tattoo artist, this is increasingly common. For example, in cases of tattooed women with PCOS. When you’re trying to deal with unwanted hair issues, the two most prominent resolutions are electrolysis and laser treatment. 

Professional electrologists are very unlikely to have any unwanted effects on tattoos, as unlike laser tattoo removal, electrolysis does not affect the layer of skin in which the ink of a tattoo is found. It penetrates to a deeper layer, where it disables the growth cells at the base of the hair follicle. This is a much more precise and predictable approach than bathing a section of skin in laser light. Even if the laser technician isn’t directly working on the area over the tattoo, pigment can attract the heat. While the lasers used to remove unwanted tattoos are not the same as those used in hair removal, and are intended to act on a different layer of the skin by breaking up ink colors, they are carefully pulsed so as not to damage the skin. A hair reduction laser does not function the same way and is typically configured for an even skin tone without variations in color. Hair removal lasers can potentially burn your skin as well as distort your tattoo. Electrolysis is recommended for hair removal on or around tattooed areas.


Electrolysis and Piercings

With body piercings more common than ever, there is definite cause for electrologists to check in with potential clients prior to beginning a course of treatment. Body piercings, especially newer ones that are still healing, carry a risk of sepsis. No professional electrologist will want to use needles near an area that is dealing with a bacterial infection. Electrologists will also likely want to enquire about any other complications that you may have developed after previous piercings. If you are prone to keloids, that should be taken into account.

Preserving Body Art with Electrolysis

You may have friends or family who’ve spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on pieces of art for their bodies. Perhaps you yourself have tattoos or piercings that you don’t want to jeopardize while you seek methods of removing hair from your arms, stomach, back, or face. Trust electrolysis over laser hair removal in these cases. Trust Electrolysis by Alison. We have many glowing electrolysis client testimonials on our site and social media.


many celebrities lead an active schedule. Luckily, an electrolysis session clocks in at an hour, or less, depending on the area being treated. After the session, patients are able to go about their daily business with next to no discomfort or other side effects.

No Ingrown Hairs:

unlike the woes of tweezing, threading, or waxing, electrolysis doesn’t snap the hair and cause ingrown hairs to grow in. The pain and unpleasantness of a snaggly ingrown hair getting trapped under your skin and causing an infection can be at an end. Electrolysis was actually initially developed to remove ingrown hair. You can count on electrolysis to help fix problems caused by other, less effective depilatory methods.


as backed by the FDA, the process of electrolysis completely disables a hair follicle’s ability to grow hair. While waxing needs to be repeated at least once a month, electrolysis will free you from the whole painful cycle. Laser hair removal often claims to offer the same thing, but the fact is that often follicles will recover from the unfocused attention of laser treatment and begin producing hair once more. Only electrolysis is effective in neutralizing each active follicle in an area.


once you’ve decided that you don’t have any use for your pubic hair or armpit hair, it can work out as considerably cheaper over a lifetime to have them zapped rather than repeatedly paying for waxing sessions or even the supplies to do it yourself at home.

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