Celebrating the Diversity of Los Angeles


Diversity of Los Angeles

Though there are many problems that Los Angeles is currently grappling with, we must remember that there’s never a bad time to be celebrating the diversity of Los Angeles in all its forms. Esri deemed Los Angeles to be the United States’ most diverse city in 2015. In particular, June 2020 is special because it is the 50th anniversary of LA’s first Pride Parade. As someone who provides a highly personal service to so many clients, Alison has come to know and appreciate the diversity of Los Angeles through the lens of electrolysis. Electrolysis by Alison is happy to serve such diverse communities, providing permanent hair removal for men and women  of all backgrounds.

Proud To Be Considered The Best Electrologist In Los Angeles, The Most Diverse City

Alison is proud to help individuals from all ethnic groups feel more confident in their bodies. White people, African-American people, Asian people, Hispanic people, mixed race people and more refer to Alison as the best at electrolysis in Los Angeles. Our service prioritizes our clients’ comfort and skin care. Clients seek out electrolysis when they want to achieve smooth, hair-free skin. Regardless of skin color, electrolysis is a highly effective and FDA-approved procedure for permanent hair removal. Unlike laser, electrolysis works on dark skin, tattooed skin, and hormonal hair. Certain ethnicities are known for thicker or coarser hair, while others are so fair that laser cannot accurately distinguish between the color of their hair and skin, thus not being an effective permanent hair removal option. That’s not the case with electrolysis. As an experienced electrologist, Alison also welcomes the opportunity to help people of all ages, from teens to those over 50, feel confident and secure in the skin. It’s an honor to serve our diverse city by helping clients, quite literally, feel more comfortable in their skin.

Best Electrolysis Serving ALL of Los Angeles

Electrolysis is the best procedure for getting rid of unwanted hair, whether it be body or facial hair. Other techniques can cause long-lasting side-effects, and all of them only delay the problem for a time.


as well as the problem of razor burn and nicks, shaving only shears the hair at skin level, meaning that the process needs to be repeated often.


a very painful procedure, waxing is intended to yank hair out at the root, but often simply snaps hair off under the skin. This is a leading cause of ingrown hairs, which can cause significant discomfort and infections. The peeling off of the wax can cause skin abrasions and even bleeding.


often used on facial hair such as eyebrows, this painful procedure shares issues with waxing: ingrown hairs are a risk factor.

Laser Hair Removal:

besides the expense, laser therapy is not recognized as a permanent solution to unwanted hair growth by the FDA or the AMA. Apart from the most state of the art and expensive machines, laser hair removal is only effective when there is a significant contrast between the skin tone and hair color of the recipient. If you have fair skin and fair hair, or dark skin and dark hair, it can be difficult or impossible to receive any benefit from laser therapy without risk of serious burns.

In contrast, electrolysis is suitable for all skin types, from dark to light skin and all shades in between. Our clientele includes a large number of different ethnicities: Lebanese, Armenian, Persian, Syrian, Egyptian, and Indian among them.

Receiving thermolysis-type electrolysis from a licensed electrologist is superior to all of these methods, and treatment from a highly experienced and caring electrologist is best of all. Alison, with over 18 years of experience, has innovated a personal technique that maximizes both efficiency and comfort, for optimal results. She is certainly one of the most accomplished electrologists in Southern California, and proud to serve all of Los Angeles, particularly West Los Angeles where our premises are located.

Tips For Achieving The Best Results From Your Electrolysis Treatment 

In order to create the best possible conditions for your electrologist treatment, we recommend the following steps:

  • Avoid other methods of hair removal in the weeks and days running up to the procedure. Shaving should stop a week in advance; other methods, two to three weeks in advance.
  • The treatment is more effective on well-hydrated skin. Drinking plentiful amounts of water in the days running up to the appointment is certain to improve the procedure and also the skin’s recovery afterwards.
  • Clients should avoid using deodorants, creams, or lotions on treatment areas the day of the appointment. 

In terms of electrolysis aftercare, your best recourse is to follow the steps below:

  • The electrolysis process opens follicles and leaves the skin sensitive. Gentle antiseptic products can be applied to prevent bacteria from entering and causing infections. This process should be repeated two or three times a day for the next three days. This will maximize your skin’s healing factor and reduce the chance of infection.
  • Avoid temporary hair removal methods for the next two days.
  • Do not pick at any scabs that may appear during the healing process. Picking can result in scar tissue.
  • For two days after the procedure, minimize any exposure to heat or friction on the affected area.
    • No public pools, saunas, hot showers, or spa treatments which include the affected area. 
    • Do not sunbathe or use sunbeds or any other tanning process during this period.
    • Avoid sport or gym activity for the duration of this recovery time.
  • Avoid using products such as deodorants, powders, body sprays, or lotions on the treated areas for a 24 hour period unless they have been specifically recommended by Electrolysis by Alison. These products will likely irritate the skin and slow the healing process.

If you’d like to book a consultation with Alison to discuss how you could benefit from the best electrolysis in Los Angeles, please get in touch via our website.