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Finding the Best Westwood Electrolysis

Where are you looking to find the best Westwood electrolysis? There are plenty of options, but there is only one Electrolysis by Alison. We have been providing expert electrolysis hair removal treatment to the people of Los Angeles for over 19 years. In that time, we have learned a lot about what people look for in their electrolysis providers, and how we can make cosmetic procedures like electrolysis as pleasant and beneficial as possible.

Beautifying the

Westwood Area

with Electrolysis

Westwood is a Westside Los Angeles neighborhood that is notable for containing UCLA, the nation’s most applied-to university, as well as the world’s second-largest Mormon temple. As a neighborhood it is relatively successful, with the average resident’s income weighing in above average for the city of Los Angeles. It is also notable for its zip code, 90024, the most expensive zip code in which to live in the state of California, and the most expensive in the country outside of Manhattan, NY. Westwood residents are keen on self-care, including electrolysis. Whether you are a UCLA student or staff, a lifelong resident of the Westside, or perhaps you commute to Westwood for work, check out the availability of Electrolysis by Alison for proven and permanent hair removal. 

How Many Sessions Does It Take for Electrolysis to Work? 

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method (in fact, it is the only hair removal method officially recognized by the FDA as permanent) which requires a sequence of regular treatments in order to disable the follicles in a chosen area. Because of the hair growth cycle where follicles spend some time inactive between growing a hair and the hair falling out, an initial electrolysis session will remove hair that has already grown and disable the active hair follicles in that area of the body. However, it will not do anything to stop the dormant follicles. They will be caught and neutralized in a subsequent round of treatment, as the hair grows back through the skin and is treated. The number of sessions required for the desired results of zero hair growth in the chosen area may vary depending on the size of the area and subjective factors such as age, sex, hormones, or medical conditions. Generally, clients undergoing electrolysis will come back for follow-up sessions every week or every other week.


How Much Does it Cost To Get Electrolysis in Westwood?

Electrolysis is simultaneously one of the most expensive and least expensive hair removal methods on the market. It is expensive up front, but unlike methods of comparable cost, such as laser hair removal, it has a permanent effect. It also works as effectively on all skin types, unlike most laser treatments. Once you’ve paid for a complete course of electrolysis, you don’t ever need to pay again for hair removal for those follicles. Consider it an investment that will save you both time and money for the rest of your life. No more depilatory creams, waxing sessions, or shaving. No more side effects from any of your other hair removal techniques, such as razor burn or ingrown hairs. Your skin care regime will thank you!


How to Find the Best Electrolysis in Westwood

When making a decision about which Westwood electrologist to go with, you should consider what will be right for you. Everyone has preferences and what might work for one person may not be to another’s taste. Here are some useful means of determining which electrolysis provider to go with.

  • Web presence is an easy means of getting an impression of the potential candidates in your area. What does their website look like? Are they active on social media? A company that is investing in its online marketing is likely a company that is expanding.
  • What are your hair removal goals and how does the electrologist’s work mesh with them? Do they have before and after photos of work they’ve done for specific parts of the body available anywhere?
  • Talk to the electrologist about your expectations, ask questions, and get information about before and after care. Does the electrologist have the right combination of qualifications, experience, and personality to be a good match for you? Electrolysis by Alison offers a free consultation so you can get feedback on what you would like to achieve with electrolysis.
  • While not everyone will necessarily be seeking the same thing from their electrologist, reviews and testimonials can still be of great benefit when making a decision.

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