Unicorn Armpit Hair Trend of 2019


March 28, 2019

photo source Marie Claire


Have you seen the latest trend? Cringe? or Love?

 “Unicorn Armpit Hair” Is the Best Beauty Trend of 2019. Agree or Disagree?

Look up #unicornhair and, along with braids, long locks, dreds, and bobs, you will find..#armpithair. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the new hair trend of 2019 is Unicorn Armpit Hair.

Lauded by Marie Claire as The Best Beauty Trend of 2019 So Far, the unicorn armpit hair trend is sweeping the nation.. or at least Instagram.

You can find rainbow-hued “unicorn” t-shirts, cupcakes, limited-edition Starbucks Frapuccinos, and now.. coming to an underarm near you.

Personally here at Electrolysis By Alison, we prefer our underarms smooth and hair-free, but if unicorns are your jam – who are we to judge?


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