Permanent Hair Removal Los Angeles


Permanent Hair Removal Los Angeles

If you’re looking for permanent hair removal Los Angeles has many businesses that will offer to help you. However, you should put your trust in Electrolysis by Alison, which offers the only method of hair removal certified to be permanent by the American Medical Association and the FDA. We have many years of experience helping men and women with unwanted hair growth of all kinds.

Is There a Permanent Hair Removal Method?

In a word, yes. The FDA’s attitude is that electrolysis is a permanent means of removing body and facial hair, and everything else…isn’t. That includes laser hair removal devices, which many providers inaccurately market as providing permanent relief from unwanted hair. Electrolysis uses a process which individually disables the ability of individual hair follicles to produce new hair. This process also terminates a follicle’s ability to maintain the hair that it is currently producing, meaning that during the days after the electrolysis procedure, hair will naturally shed from the treated area. No red bumps or broken skin like you might get from waxing or shaving. The only side effects you might feel are a slight redness and tenderness around the affected area for a few hours.

What is the Best Permanent Facial Hair Removal Method?

If you’re plagued by dark hair on your upper lip, chin, or out of control brows, electrolysis is the perfect choice. A more precise and less hazardous method than laser therapy, electrolysis can be used near your eyes without fear of permanent vision damage. A little-known fact: the practice of electrolysis for depilation was started by a doctor treating a patient for ingrowing eyelashes. Electrolysis is the preferred method of removing facial hair for the following reasons:

Works For All Skin Types:

whether you have light skin or darker skin tones, fair hair or dark, electrolysis will be just as effective. Most laser hair removal devices struggle when presented with situations where there is little contrast between the skin tone and the hair color: light hair on light skin, for example, or dark hair on darker skin. Attempting to provide laser hair removal in these circumstances can expose clients to severe side effects such as burns, discoloration, and even scarring. Electrolysis offers results no matter what the combination of skin and hair types.


electrolysis costs less per session than laser treatment. While laser covers a larger area than electrolysis, and early indications can be that the hair is gone, it typically returns within years, necessitating further expensive treatment.

Peace Of Mind:

once a follicle is disabled through electrolysis, it’s done. Permanently. WIth a little patience, you can cover a whole area with electrolysis and never have to worry about it again for the rest of your life. That’s long-term value, as well as peace of mind.

Self-care with Hair Removal

In Los Angeles, our opportunities to travel abroad during the summer of 2020 have been severely curtailed. The opportunity to show off your beach body on a Caribbean beach, or stroll along a Mediterranean marina has been denied due to the pandemic. However, the silver lining to this situation is that people have been using this time for self-care and self-improvement. Electrolysis takes several months of treatment to permanently depilate an area, so the period of the pandemic lockdown is an excellent time to begin a course of hair removal. FDA-approved electrolysis in a sanitized clinic, with staff that are wearing masks and taking all reasonable precautions, is far safer than home laser hair removal using home devices.

Are you troubled by hair on your lip or brows? Perhaps you’re looking for a good way to deal with hair on your stomach or legs. We at Electrolysis by Alison would be happy to help. Find more information about our services and our record of expertise in electrolysis hair removal on our website.