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Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals With The Right Support

The struggle to achieve and maintain a healthy weight is not very straightforward, but it’s an easier path to travel with the right help. The Vertical Wellness Spa in Los Angeles focuses on providing you with the information, encouragement and accountability you need to reap the many physical and psychological benefits of weight loss. 

Few cities in the world are as notorious for their residents’ focus on fitness and weight loss as Los Angeles. From the iconic Muscle Beach in Venice to the abundance of plant-based eateries, it seems that everyone in Los Angeles is exercising, eating right, and working on their mindset 24/7. While the stereotype, perpetuated by Hollywood, does not represent every single Angeleno, there are plenty of resources for reaching and keeping a healthy weight in Los Angeles. It does not take a Hollywood diet guru to know that to both lose weight safely and sustain that weight loss over time, it is essential to make gradual, consistent, and beneficial lifestyle changes.

This is where a weight loss coach comes in. At The Vertical Wellness Spa, our weight loss support program provides a comprehensive approach to tackling weight loss and forming mindful habits that will last a lifetime.

What causes weight gain?

Many people seem to think that weight gain and obesity are caused by a lack of willpower.

That’s not entirely true. Although weight gain is largely a result of eating behavior and lifestyle, some people are at a disadvantage when it comes to weight management. 

Here are some factors that contribute to excess weight, and make it difficult to lose weight:



Genes give the body instructions for responding to changes in its environment. Studies of resemblances and differences among family members, twins, and adoptees offer indirect scientific evidence that a sizable portion of the variation in weight among adults is due to genetic factors.

Food Addiction

People with food addictions lose control over their eating behavior and find themselves spending excessive amounts of time involved with food and overeating, or anticipating the emotional effects of compulsive overeating. Stress, sadness, anxiety, and other emotions can lead people to overeat and gain weight.

Insulin Resistance:

Insulin resistance happens when the body’s cells become resistant to insulin and ever-increasing amounts of it are required to have the same “unlocking” effect on body cells. Insulin resistance is a precursor to prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Hormonal Imbalances:

There are some hormone imbalances that can contribute to weight, such as hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid gland) or Cushing’s syndrome (high cortisol levels). Imbalances in estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and cortisol, brought on by such factors as aging, diet and the stresses of modern life, have contributed to the obesity epidemic.

Holistic Weight Loss Support At The Vertical Wellness Spa In Los Angeles

Studies show that it’s easier to succeed if you surround yourself with people who understand and support your goals. To that end, The Vertical Wellness Spa focuses on helping you address the root causes of excess weight, whether they are hormonal, nutritional, or stress-related. With a comprehensive approach to weight management, our goal is to help you take actional steps, with ongoing support and accountability from our weight loss coach in Los Angeles. 
Here are some of the components of our program:

Nutritional Meal Planning:

You may be wondering how to pick the best nutrition approach for you. Nutrition coaches provide a safe, honest, and judgment-free zone for their clients that will empower them to navigate the peaks and valleys of their unique nutrition journey. Hiring a nutrition wellness coach is a form of self-care that allows you to be more present and prepared for the people in your life, your usual routines, and all that life might throw at you.

Life & Health Coaching:

A health coach is a supportive guide who helps clients set health goals, whether to lose weight, improve energy, better manage stress, and much more. Encouraging a positive mindset around health and well-being, wellness coaches empower and motivate their clients to become their own experts, As a Certified Life Performance Coach, Alison Ashley works with Los Angeles individuals and families to help them regain their confidence, freedom and joy.

Hormonal Imbalance Support:

Weight loss can be particularly challenging if you struggle with PCOS or another type of hormonal imbalance. Alison Ashley, founder of The Vertical Wellness Spa, first began helping women with PCOS through her work as an electrolysis professional, helping get rid of stubborn hormonal hair permanently. Today, Alison supports clients who suffer with PCOS and other hormonal imbalances as a wellness coach, utilizing a suite of holistic practices.

Stress Management Practices:

When it comes to weight loss, stress can be both a symptom and a cause. Stress makes it harder to lose weight, due to its effect on the endocrine system. Additionally, being far away from your ideal weight goal can be stressful in and of itself. And thus the seemingly endless stress cycle becomes a further impediment to weight loss. Stress management gives you a range of tools to reset your alarm system, regain balance, and maintain your wellness routine.

Body Sculpting:

If you’ve struggled to slim down stubborn areas of your body through diet and exercise without seeing any results, then ultrasonic cavitation may be for you. With quick, comfortable treatment, zero downtime, and no scars, non-surgical fat removal and skin tightening have become popular options for patients to enhance their appearance and self-confidence without taking time for surgery and recovery. 

No matter where you are in your weight loss and weight maintenance journey, as your weight loss coach Alison partners with you and provides judgment-free, compassionate support and accountability. Schedule a consultation today!

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