Gearing Up For Fall Wellness Trends

The back-to-school season is upon us, which means the cold and flu season is right around the corner. The exact timing and duration of flu seasons varies, but according to the CDC, influenza activity often begins to increase in October.  As consumers head into fall and take stock of the year, they are doubling down on wellness before the busy holiday season. Some of the top ways consumers are taking care of themselves include:

  • Hydration: Proper hydration balance is essential for proper body function and good health. This means not only getting enough water but also maintaining a balance of electrolytes
  • Immunity-boosting supplements: with the cold and flu quickly approaching, the immune system needs a boost. The most common supplements for a stronger immune system include vitamin B6, Vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, as well as herbs such as curcumin. 
  • Nutritional Meal Planning: good health starts with proper nutrition. A nutrition wellness coach in Los Angeles can provide the much-needed support and accountability and help you along your path to sustainable wellness. Learn how you can nourish your body using the latest nutrition practices, mindfulness, and delicious food.
  • Managing Your Weight: Being over your ideal weight can lead to lower immune function. The struggle to achieve and maintain a healthy weight is not very straightforward, but it’s an easier path to travel with the right help. At The Vertical Wellness Spa, our weight loss support program provides a comprehensive approach to tackling weight loss and forming mindful habits that will last a lifetime.

At The Vertical Wellness Spa, the new home of Electrolysis by Alison, we are committed to supporting our clients with a number of holistic wellness services, with a focus on Life & Health Coaching, Nutritional Meal Planning, PCOS and Other Hormonal Imbalances Guidance, Stress Management Practices, and Weight Loss Support. As a Certified Life Performance Coach, Alison work with Los Angeles individuals and families. She enjoys helping teens, adults, and people from all walks of life to achieve their goals.

Contact us today if you need support with your fall wellness goals and beyond!

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