Celebrating The Diversity of Los Angeles



Though there are many problems that Los Angeles is currently grappling with, we must remember that there’s never a bad time to be celebrating the diversity of Los Angeles in all its forms. Esri deemed Los Angeles to be the United States’ most diverse city in 2015. In particular, June 2020 is special because it is the 50th anniversary of LA’s first Pride Parade.

As someone who provides a highly personal service to so many clients, Alison has come to know and appreciate the diversity of Los Angeles through the lens of electrolysis. Electrolysis by Alison is happy to serve such diverse communities, providing permanent hair removal for men and women of all backgrounds.

Alison is proud to help individuals from all ethnic groups feel more confident in their bodies. White people, African-American people, Asian people, Hispanic people, mixed race people and more refer to Alison as the best at electrolysis in Los Angeles. Our service prioritizes our clients’ comfort and skin care.

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