When You Are Doing It All


August 18, 2018


Our lifestyle in Los Angeles can be hectic. The busy modern female does it all. Rushing to meetings, polishing a presentation, perfecting a pitch, all while dealing with unpredictable traffic, can leave no time for self-care. Who has the time to worry about shaving or waxing when the 405 is at a standstill or your Uber driver is lost? It can be difficult to take care of yourself with a busy schedule, yet neglecting self-care can end up causing major problems down the road. From dehydration and poor nutrition to lack of sleep, your appearance and health may be affected by lack of self-care.
When your career takes priority, self-care needs to be simple. Feel confident and in control when you use electrolysis to ensure permanently smooth skin. We love making life easier for the busy Los Angeles lifestyle with electrolysis permanent hair removal!

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