Los Angeles Electrologist Celebrates 15 Years in Business


August 23, 2018


Los Angeles, CA, April 2nd, 2018 — Electrolysis by Alison, the expert electrolysis clinic run by LA native Alison Ashley, is celebrating its 15th birthday this month. Alison has been helping the residents of Los Angeles achieve their beauty goals through permanent hair removal ever since she was introduced to the art of electrology by a dermatologist friend. For fifteen years Alison has been guided by her philosophy: ‘Desire to look the best you can…and enjoy life to its fullest!’

This philosophy and her commitment to refining her craft has led Alison to be considered a provider of the best electrolysis in Los Angeles.

“I’ve served such a diverse range of clients,” Alison says, “But the clients I enjoy working with most are my locals, because getting to know them and help them feel more confident as they reach their beauty goals is so rewarding.”

Indeed, Alison’s specialization in permanent hair removal for women suffering from conditions that cause the growth of hormonal, male-pattern hair on the face and body has helped many women regain their confidence, freedom, and joy, by overcoming their unwanted hair. Alison is also highly skilled at tackling:

  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Men’s back, neck, shoulders, and chest
  • ‘Difficult’ hair types: curly, kinky, thick, and blonde hairs
  • Large areas in shorter times with less pain

Electrolysis by Alison’s convenient West Los Angeles location is designed to be an environment of beauty, relaxation, and self-appreciation, and chosen due to Alison’s love for the Westside from childhood. She opts to use a holistic approach treating the whole person and their specific needs, using only natural and non-toxic products. Alison looks forward to the next 15 years of her business, and assisting more of the people of Los Angeles in improving their self-image through the art of electrolysis.

If you’d like more information about Electrolysis by Alison, or to schedule an interview with Alison Ashley, please call Alison at 323-875-4425.

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