Permanent Hair Removal Trends for 2021

What are the permanent hair removal trends for 2021 to pay attention to? As people come out of winter and prepare to get their vaccinations and begin socializing again this summer, the need for effective permanent hair removal methods is only going to swell. Electrolysis by Alison has been removing unwanted hair for the men and women of Los Angeles for over 18 years, and we track trends in hair removal options popular from Southern  California to New York City.

Best Hair Removal Techniques

Removing hair growth, whether it is body hair or small areas such as the upper lip, follows a general set of principles. The best hair removal techniques are those which do not cut the hair but remove them from the hair follicles. However, these techniques, if inexpertly applied, can cause ingrown hairs. Wax strips are especially prone to this outcome. Shaving is often used for dealing with coarse hair such as the bikini line, though shaving creams and shave gels can often harm sensitive skin, as can depilatory cream which is literally corrosive enough to eat through hair. Interest in laser hair removal is increasing as home use devices are sold. However, devices for at-home use are both less powerful and less finely tuned than professional hair removal devices. Laser hair removal, whether at home or at a specialist facility, is not a guaranteed permanent solution to the issue of body or facial hair. Only electrolysis is FDA-approved as a permanent hair removal method.

Male Hair Removal

What trends are we likely to see in male hair removal this year? Tweezing and sugaring may become more popular, as grooming to accentuate masculine features such as brows and jawlines takes over from the more rugged, hirsute quarantine looks. As beaches, gyms, and pools reopen, we are likely to see heightened attempts to get bodies back to aesthetic standards, removing unwanted body hair. Waxing and depilatory creams are likely to be in wide use, but the wisest will be investing in a solution that’s more long term. Electrolysis can be effective on areas like the neck or the shoulders, with sustained treatments.

Female Hair Removal

How will female hair removal trends shape up in 2021? Greater ability for public interaction, and the lessening need for masks, may see a rise in threading or tweezing lip and chin hair. As with men, a greater emphasis on grooming for gyms, pools, and similar environments is likely to coincide with an upswing in shaving and waxing. However, there are also likely to be those who flock to professional facilities like laser and electrolysis clinics, in an effort to finally be rid of problem body hair once and for all. It’s important to remember that laser hair removal, in most cases, is generally effective with only a fraction of skin and hair type combinations, while electrolysis is effective on all skin and hair types.

For those of you hoping to get the year off to an optimistic start, why not take action on leaving your unwanted body hair in the past? Talk to Electrolysis by Alison now about booking an appointment.

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