Permanent Hair Removal for Athletes Who Don’t Want Body Hair

Body hair can be an impediment in many ways. You might find it to undermine or detract from your look. For athletes, though, there is an additional issue: body hair can impede their performance. Electrolysis by Alison is here to help with a solution to body hair growing in unwanted areas that will give you an edge on the competition.

Body Hair Removal Methods for Athletes

For swimmers, cyclists, runners and other athletes, body hair can prove to be a literal drawback. The resistance caused by body hair can have a small but noticeable effect, and at a high level of performance, those split seconds can sometimes make all the difference. On top of this, the rubbing of body hair under compression clothing can be an uncomfortable distraction, one that can be avoided by removing body hair in those areas. It’s no wonder that many athletes try to reduce the amount of exposed body hair they have by all sorts of methods: waxing, shaving, depilatory creams, threading, even laser therapy. The best way to solve the problem of body hair affecting your athletic performance, however, is thermolysis electrolysis.

Sports Where Body Hair is a Drag

Athletes are known for having bodies like classical statues of Greek gods and heroes: high muscle definition, low amounts of body hair. Why are there so many athletes from different disciplines who choose to go hairless?

  • Swimming: one of the most obvious choices is swimming. Swimmers prefer to have smooth bodies to make it easier to carve through the water. It’s also more comfortable to wear their distinctive bodysuits. Removing body hair also reduces lactic acid buildup, according to a study by the American College of Sports Medicine.
  • Cycling: While there is less evidence to support the idea that shaving body hair reduces drag, it is true that going hairless makes it more comfortable to wear cycling attire. When you’re training in the saddle for hours a day, comfort is key. What’s more, a lack of body hair is beneficial when cyclists take a tumble, since it makes wounds easier to dress and keep clean.
  • Running: Runners, especially long-distance runners, are known to get rid of body hair to reduce their temperature and help their performance wear fit more comfortably.
  • Wrestling: When you are incentivized to have a body that isn’t easy to grip onto, body hair becomes one of the first things you get rid of. Hair can lead to chafing and irritation, which is another reason to say goodbye to it.

Can Hair Be Removed Permanently? 

Electrolysis has the unique benefit among hair removal methods of offering permanent hair removal. Thermolysis electrolysis is a treatment for unwanted hair growth which disables hair follicles’ ability to grow new hairs, removing hair permanently from the treated area. It is a highly effective procedure that combines the best aspects of other methods with none of the downsides. Indeed, Imagine never having to worry about waxing your legs again, or shaving your armpits. Just sleek, hair-free skin and no road rash razor burn or ingrown hairs to worry about. What more could you ask for?

Through Electrolysis, Athletes Use Hair Removal to Excel

Of all the hair removal methods on the market today, there’s only one which is officially recognized by the FDA as both permanent and suitable for all skin tones. That’s electrolysis. Other methods are impermanent and can actually encourage heavier, coarser regrowth (like waxing) or simply don’t work well on darker skin tones and hair types (like laser hair removal). Electrolysis can be successfully used on all  areas of your body  by a skilled electrologist: face, neck, arms, underarms, back, chest, stomach, bikini, and legs. It’s preferred by clients seeking long-term relief, particularly those who suffer from conditions causing unusual hair growth, such as PCOS. It’s also appreciated by professional athletes seeking to avoid the side effects of other hair removal treatments. They can’t afford to waste training days on time-consuming wound healing from skin abrasions, ingrown hair, burns, and other complications associated with shaving, waxing, laser hair removal.

Los Angeles has a substantial selection of electrolysis clinics available for use. Of all of them, though, the best is Electrolysis by Alison. With over 185 years in business, and Alison’s gentle yet effective personalized technique, our electrolysis therapy is the most efficient and painless around. Alison is committed to helping her patients feel comfortable, relaxed, and informed about the process. That’s why we offer free consultations before beginning a course of treatment. Whether you need your entire back done, or just your top lip, Alison is ready to provide her expert advice on what you should pursue to reach your permanent hair reduction goals.

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