More Than Half of Men Ashamed of Their Body Hair


July 18, 2019


How do men feel about body hair? Yahoo News reports that over half of men admit to feeling “embarrassed” about their body hair.

While we’ve known that body hair is a big issue for women, this new study shows that men, too, are affected by unwanted fuzz, clumps, ringlets, bristle – you name it.

Highlight include:

  • this embarrassment may cause some men hesitation when it comes to certain activities
  • nearly one-third of men surveyed (31 percent) said they’ve avoided swimming before out of embarrassment of their body hair
  • one in five feel its had a negative impact on their sex life!
  • six in ten men have put off shaving their face out of dread or laziness, and 63 percent of those men say their own appearance suffered for it.

Men! Stop feeling dominated by your body hair. Embrace it and own it, or get rid of it. We love helping men get rid of unwanted body — or facial — hair forever with permanent hair removal for men in Los Angeles. Whether it’s a single hair that’s bothering you, or a clump you need to never see again, you have options.


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