Spring Beauty Tips


While most of us are spending time indoors, we can still practice self-care.

Our top spring beauty tips are:

1. Get Some Zzzs. Sleep is vital to our overall well-being, as well as anxiety relief. If you have trouble getting enough sleep every night, try a new evening ritual: turn off devices, read a book, try a new eye mask or essential oils to help your body calm down from the day’s events and news.

2. Drink Water. Drink plenty of water to help keep yourself hydrated, and make your skin look great.

3. Re-vamp your makeup bag! What better time to clean out the clutter in your makeup bag? Remove products that may have expired, clean your brushes, and make sure you have plenty of your favorites.

4. Take Supplements. Vitamin C and Zinc are two of the supplements shown to boost your immunity.

5. Add Some Fun. Connect with a friend. Practice mindfulness. A clear mind is key to glowing skin.

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