Los Angeles Beauty Trends for Women 2018


August 24, 2018


Those who suffer from unwanted body hair know that it can make you feel ostracized, disconnected from society and generally embarrassed. When you visit Electrolysis by Alison, you’re able to address this isolating issue with electrolysis as a popular component of Los Angeles beauty trends for women in 2018.

With electrolysis as one of the best Los Angeles beauty trends for women in 2018, you’ll find yourself feeling more empowered and confident than ever when you visit the beach, pool or during other personal moments.

Minimalism is a popular trend this spring. This means simple, barely there makeup, unfussy hair and sheer lip balm. It’s all about softness, effortlessness, easy waves and dewy, healthy skin.

If you’re feeling bold, the time is now to color your hair in an interesting hue. There are so many exciting versions of colored hair that go beyond the regular, more natural hues. Unicorn hair comes in shining hues in bright and cotton candy versions. Opal hair is soft white with subtle rainbow rays. Pink is a popular hue, but be careful, some of the semi-permanent colors are more permanent than not. If you’re not quite sure if you want to take the plunge, wear a wig (ideally made with real human hair) and you can get a feel of whether you want to make it a permanent look.

Red lips are all the rage. But red comes in so many hues–reds that are more orange and reds that are more blue. Reds that are matte and reds that are as slick as a cherry red Mustang. It’s all about finding the right hue for your skin tone and potentially favoring particular hues during differing seasons. The gradient red effect is popular on runways and can be fun to emulate in a less dramatic version.

While it’s easy to throw your hair into a bun, why not give your knot a new twist? Tie up your bun with a decorative ribbon or with a thin sash. Do a messy bun and tie the knot with adorned hair ties and you’ll look like a beautiful prima ballerina. Tie it with a bow and tuck the ends away with bobby pins. That way you can create an easy style that’s also sophisticated and low maintenance.

Enjoy Los Angeles beauty trends for women in 2018 and begin the journey with electrolysis by visiting Electrolysis by Alison or call (323) 875-4425.

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