COVID-19 Update



Dear Clients:

Electrolysis by Alison is temporarily closed due to Covid-19 safety concerns.

The health and safety of our clients and community is our top priority.

We look forward to accepting new clients when it’s safe to do so.
In the meantime, we welcome all inquiries by phone consultation or email, and or to book appointments for a later time.

As always, we adhere to the highest standards of sanitation and sterilization when cleaning our equipment, tools, and studio.

If you or someone in your household have recently traveled to high-risk areas, or are experiencing flu-like symptoms, we respectfully ask that you do not come in for service. Please contact your doctor for guidance on when it’s safe to be out in public.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you stay well and safe. Together, we can overcome this challenge.

Alison Ashley.

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