Facial Hair Be Gone


Bye Bye Beardie: Beard Removal

Some people like facial hair, and some people don’t. If you fall into the latter camp and you have issues with your beard, there are methods you can pursue to make it less of a problem. Obviously shaving is a common solution, but hardly a perfect one. Besides the risk of cutting yourself, the continued expense, the time it takes to perform a thorough shave, to say nothing of the products needed to protect your skin, shaving is something most men need to do three times a week or more in order to avoid five o’clock shadow. Electrolysis is the optimal method for permanently dealing with beard hair with the minimum of fuss. Electrolysis by Alison is one of the best electrolysis providers in the city of Los Angeles, with 20 years of experience providing permanent hair removal for men and women.


Thinning It Out

Perhaps you are broadly happy with your facial hair but you need to thin it out in areas: beard, cheeks, mustache, ears, nose. Or perhaps you don’t have enough to require more substantial methods but you need to get rid of what is there. Electrolysis can be used to thin hair out with minimal side effects.

What Electrolysis Can Do

Electrolysis is also a great way to zap away facial hair permanently. It’s the only depilatory method confirmed by the FDA to be permanent. By concentrating heat on the follicle itself, it disables its ability to grow hair. Electrolysis also has the advantage that it works effectively on all hair types regardless of skin tone or hair texture, unlike laser therapy. Imagine being able to wake up and get ready for work without worrying about whether your facial hair is under control. Electrolysis by Alison is available to make that a reality.

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