Electrolysis for Arm Hair

Your Right To Bare Arms: Arm Hair Removal by Electrolysis

Electrolysis for Arm Hair

When it comes to arm hair, less is more. While you may be able to get away with some soft, downy hair on the forearms, coarse and straggly arm hair and wild armpits are out, and may never have been in. If you’re battling a bird’s nest of unsightly hair on your arms for any reason, be it cosmetic, athletic, or other, help is at hand. Electrolysis for arm hair is the best option on the market today, and at Electrolysis by Alison, we’re well-situated to tell you why!



Get the Smoothest Guns in the West

Electrolysis for arm hair is the most effective remedy to unwanted growth on your arms because it represents the only permanent solution, and the one with the fewest side-effects. Methods such as shaving and waxing create additional problems. Shaving, particularly on a large area like the arm, can cause abrasions of the skin, exacerbated by the itchiness caused of fabric rubbing over the skin’s surface as the hair grows back. Waxing removes the hair, but the trauma can cause irritation and infection of the skin, and the regrown hair will often be thicker, darker, and more visible. Removing the hair also increases the likelihood of an ingrown hair appearing, which can be painful as well as septic. Laser therapy, often touted as a more permanent solution, actually suffers from many of the same problems. Only electrolysis for arm hair, which disables each follicle’s ability to regrow hair, can be trusted to solve the problem long-term.


Electrolysis for Arm Hair Removal to Improve Hygiene

If you work in an environment where you’re exposed to skin and hair-borne parasites, strong odors, or even just one that makes you sweat a lot, you should consider the advantages of removing arm hair for hygiene purposes. Try electrolysis for arm hair which traps odors and gives shelter to lice and fleas. You’ll look, feel, and be cleaner.


Electrolysis for Arm Hair Removal to Avoid Health Complications

Perhaps you’ve tried other depilatory methods in the past and found them to be unsatisfying. You may even have found that the side effects were dangerous to your health. We’ve worked with more than a few patients who discontinued laser hair removal after it didn’t made their hair woes worse, and was in danger of permanently scarring delicate tissue. Electrolysis for arm hair removal is the best way to remedy these and other side effects from other treatments.


Electrolysis for Arm Hair Removal to Restore Self Image

In certain careers and walks of life, electrolysis for arm hair removal can open new avenues. Models, actors, athletes, people undergoing transition, all of these groups can benefit immensely from our treatment. But they’re not the only ones. If your self-confidence is being affected by excess body hair on your arms or anywhere else, we are here to help with electrolysis for arm hair, back hair, chest hair, and many other kinds of body and facial hair.
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