Hair Removal Services

Hair removal services in Los Angeles can treat all kinds of hair—whether curved, kinky, thick or blonde hair, Electrolysis by Alison is here to transform you!Hair removal services in Los Angeles provide the invaluable opportunity to leave the razors, wax and creams behind.

Imagine not having to shave ever again! You’ll save time, money and feel so much more confident. And any area can be treated by hair removal services in Los Angeles, including the face, body and sensitive areas.

To give yourself the best experience, you can purchase over the counter skin numbing cream prior to your hair removal services in Los Angeles if your skin is sensitive or if you want to feel minimal discomfort during your treatment.

Unwanted facial and body hair can be cause stress and embarrassment, affecting so many areas of one’s life. During the times that making a first impression is vital, such as a first date or a job interview, don’t worry about something that could decrease your confidence and let the true you shine.

No matter the season, whether you’re enjoying summer in the sun or winter is in full swing, don’t be indentured by unwanted hair. Unwanted hair can be especially embarrassing in the facial area that is difficult to conceal. Whether you have unwanted hair on your face, bikini or other areas, don’t hide yourself. Feel confident, empowered and comfortably you when you use hair removal services in Los Angeles.

Women Services:

Full leg Half lower leg Half upper leg Regular Bikini Semi-brazilian Bikini Brazilian Bikini Stomach Back (lower) Buttocks Underarms Nipples Half arm Full arm Upper Lip Eyebrow Forehead Cheeks Chin Full face (lip, cheeks, forehead)

Men Services:

Full back Shoulders Stomach and Chest Ears Eyebrows and Beard areas

 Female body Proudly serving men, women, youth and the transgender community.